Children's Kindness Network Building A Culture Of Kindness


Children's Kindness Network (CKN) posted on for someone to take over two sites. We replied, stating that we would take over the project and help them with their web development and other tech questions. On the previous CKN site, we updated and maintained the site. However, after discussing with the chairman about the need for an updated site, we embarked on architecting and developing a new site that combined both the CKN-USA site and We worked with a group of graduate Computer Science students from the University of Michigan to build a comprehensive site. Upon completion, Wadsworth Ventures migrated the site from the dev servers to the live site and we continue to update and maintain the site as needed.


The board and the chairman decided to combine the site and the site, aggregating the content on both sites into one site, enhancing the user experience by allowing them to stay on one site to shop, donate, get activities and find out more about the organization and Moozie.


Visit their website: Childrens Kindness Network