Installing VirtualBox and CentOS 7 on Ubuntu

VirtualBox is a fantastic (and free) open source project from Oracle which allows a user to run other boxes virtually on their current machine without having to create a dual-boot machine. There are other software that compete with VirtualBox, such as Parallels and VMWare. I won't compare and contrast the major three virtualization distributions as there are several sites that do that, written by people who have the comparative experience.

In Ubuntu:

Blast it! What's my Ubuntu password?!?

You know the feeling when you want access to your Ubuntu box and you can't remember the password. You try different combinations of ones that you remember, using uppercase, lowercase, number and special character combinations...and then you hit that wall where enough is enough. Here's an easy solution to resetting your Ubuntu password.


THE EASY WAY - Having the option of recovery mode

1. Reboot your computer (or virtual machine).


2. A screen should pop up upon reboot that gives you various Ubuntu option including recovery mode.