Timm Thies

Founder & Managing Director

In 2009, Timm started Wadsworth Ventures, initially focusing on technology solutions, and business/financial analysis. As time progressed, he found himself more and more involved with web development. Having a background in the HTML, C++ and Pascal languages, as well as networking and data systems analysis, he embraced the future and started working with Drupal, a Content Management System. He has also undertaken WordPress development and is adept at Linux's Command Line Interface (CLI), Windows and Mac OS systems administration.


Timm continually improves his tech skills by taking courses in Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python and MySQL. He is also involved with the Drupal community (D.O.: timmvt) and regularly attends tech community meetups.


When he's not on a keyboard, he's usually on some other board, like a snowboard, surfboard, or skateboard.